JOIE has a track record as a trusted and innovative provider of quality supplementary academic education and enrichment programmes.

No matter what stage you’re at in your education or career, JOIE will help you reach the next level with confidence. Choose a study option that fits your life: at the learning hub, online, private tutoring or self-paced.


At JOIE our teaching strategy is the core of how we make a difference for every learner and ensure that they succeed. Our strategy is built on three pillars based on the Science of how people learn: engaging the learner in positive emotions, providing sufficient time for instruction and continual testing which enhances the retrieval of information. We elicit positive emotions in the learner by focusing heavily on using Virtual Reality technology which is well-known for immersing learners in difficult content like Science and Math. Our Virtual reality headsets range from the inexpensive JOIE headsets to the more complex Oculus Quest which utilises the best graphics for maximum enjoyment and immersion. Students also engage in various strategies for learning which include game-based learning and peer learning.


We know that motivation is fundamental to learning. Our tutors hone in on whether students are intrinsically or extrinsically motivated and apply the necessary strategies so they can learn.
Our small classes ensure that students receive timely feedback so they can make the necessary adjustments and ultimately see progress. This results in a positive loop that leads from one success to another. Our Virtual Reality headsets provide the perfect opportunity for students to engage with academic content in an engaging manner and it also provides a phenomenal tool for students to be rewarded with VR games that they love.

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We are located on John Compton Highway, upstairs Dr. Scotland’s Veterinary Clinic.

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Student Testimonials

Joel Bertin​ SAID

In grade six I was paired with a tutor from JOIE in preparation for the Common Entrance Exams (CEE). I felt really confident because the tutor made me realize how easy it was to learn. I was able to top the CEE at my school in that year. Now that I am a fourth form student, I am excited to continue tutoring sessions because my tutor helps me understand topics I couldn’t understand in school.


Children in this classroom are working on forging social skills through collaboration emotional growth and self


The Company began in 2019 after successfully winning first place in the TEECA, OECS and CCI Martinique entrepreneurship challenge. Ever since then we have been changing lives one


Instruction is provided through either one and one or small groups. To date the organization has recorded 100% pass rate for test prep.

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