Our one-hour tutoring sessions are filled with learning, challenges and fun. This allows students to keep reinforcing their knowledge and create mental schemas. it also allows students opportunities to alter any misconceptions they may have.

Small class sizes:

We offer either 1-to-1 or small group formats. Your child can get personalised attention or they can learn with a small group of peers who will help and encourage them to do better whilst building their confidence and the opportunity to learn naturally.

Continual testing:

While every child learns differently our success in getting results is built on the premise that learning only takes place if there is continual testing. Our tutors focus on periodic and trimly assessment which force students to retrieve information and in the process become aware of what they have learnt and what they still need to learn.

Technological Tools

Empowering a nation of learners can be achieved by combining instruction with the right tools to motivate learners. At JOIE our main focus is to use learning tools such as Virtual Reality (VR) to engage learners in an unforgettable learning experience. Virtual Reality has a unique ability to transform learning as it allows students to experience content in 3D. Students become active participants of their learning and they can understand complex scientific concepts with fun and ease. For instance, students can understand digestion by taking a virtual tour of the digestive system beginning with the mouth where food is broken down by the buccal cavity, onto the stomach where enzymes further break down food, then on to the intestines where nutrients are absorbed and to the rectum where unwanted material is expelled. This experience becomes a deeply engaging visual encounter that students remember more so than reading notes or sitting passively in a class.

Qualified Tutors

All our tutors are qualified teachers who have years of experience in their field. They are passionate about education. They understand that to achieve the best results there are several factors which need to be taken into account such as time spent practicing, receiving timely feedback, discussion among peers and a positive environment that nurtures genuine curiosity in the learner. Our tutors are all well-equipped to continually gauge students needs and thus provide the right environment for learning.

Educate with passion

Honesty and Integrity