About us

Who we are

JOIE offers you the opportunity to take the first step in building the life you have always dreamt of.  Our educational programs are built on fun, interactive activities which embrace technology. We offer four main programmes which expand your learning, build on a career, and enhance your life.  At JOIE intellectual curiosity and an innovative spirit thrives.

What We Stand For

“Who we are is simple. Our students come first, always. We embrace change. We observe, listen, discuss then innovate. We are inclusive. We believe that education is the foundation for changing lives. We are one team – we are JOIE.”


We foster a culture that is consistent with our mission. We bring that integrity to our products, customers, work environment, and the community

Our Vision

 To make learning fun for everyone.

Our Mission

To be the best company to provide educational technology (edu-tech) in an effort to increase learning and productivity through interactive, quality driven, learner centered instruction.

Educational Philosophy

At JOIE learning is underscored by first ensuring the emotional well being of the learner. Successful learning takes place when learners feel safe, embrace a growth mindset and receive the necessary scaffolding. JOIE provides this environment in all its enrichment programmes and academic classes. A teacher student ratio of 1:5 ensures success for all. 


  • 800+ Students 
  • 10+   Employees
  •  20+ Scholarships
  •  10 + Educational Programmes 
  • 5+    Years Transforming Students’ Lives


We bring our vision to life by investing in our people. We come together virtually and in our offices around the world to collaborate, innovate, and have fun.

JOIE helps individuals achieve their educational and career goals. We empower people one goal at a time.

OIE is one of the most essential tools/bridges needed in the education landscape/sector. Throughout the five years we have been in existence we have empowered hundreds of students by providing them with the tools to master concepts, building confidence and developing winning/ learning strategies to succeed.  JOIE has been a beacon for expanding educational access and a pioneer in instructional innovation.

JOIE provides expert exam preparation. JOIE  preps high school students for the CXC examination so they can enter college and become teachers or engineers or whatever they dream. We help students build the foundation for future careers as accountants, policemen, nurses and teachers. We help motivate adult learners to master concepts so they can re-sit CXC subjects and align their /pursue their dreams. JOIE preps grade six students for the Common Entrance  Exams.

In today’s ever changing, fast paced environment we rise to the occasion to enable training in a range of non-traditional areas/sectors such as Robotics, Coding, Leadership, Animation and Life Skills. We allow participants to harness their talents and receive instruction in small groups in order to consider career paths that may not be afforded to them in mainstream educational sectors. 

 We provide professional training to improve teachers’ productivity through knowledge of educational technology. For businesses, JOIE provides expert assistance with corporate training through use of Virtual Reality.

Together the JOIE has years of  experience providing educational services to K-12 students  in a host of subject areas.  At JOIE students/ participants emotional, psychological and mental well-being are all considered in order to provide the best learning environment thereby maximising opportunities for success. 

 The company has also been a leader in adapting Virtual Reality  learning technology as a way to provide more astute learning opportunities to our clients. We continually strive to make the learning experience for our students the best we can with a rigorous focus on educational performance and results. For a complete overview of JOIE’s offerings, please see “In the Loop,”  our company newsletter.