Robotics Programme

As robots gain more and more capabilities, they will play an increasingly prominent part in our everyday lives. Robotics is an area of technology seeing unprecedented growth.

The Robotics program from JOIE is made up of three parts/ courses that build from theory to practice.

In this programme, we explore how we use robots to help solve big challenges in our society today, before considering what the future might hold for humans and robots alike.

Here, you’ll become familiar with the mathematical knowledge and programming skills required to make robots move, and you’ll try out your skills in practical exercises.

Finally – you’ll put your skills into practice by building your own robot. You’ll design, build and program a simple robot, and you’ll be invited to share a video of your robot with learners around the world.

Participants earn a Certificate of Achievement on completion of the programme as proof of completing the program of study.

What skills will I learn?

The Introducing Robotics program is open to anyone with an interest in robotics and a desire to understand how to program robots to make them do useful tasks.

By the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • explain what robots are and what they can do;
  • knowledgeably discuss the ethical considerations of using robots to help solve societal challenges;
  • reflect on the future role and development of robotics in human society;
  • describe mathematically the position and orientation of objects and how they move;
  • describe mathematically the relationship between robot joint coordinates and robot tool pose;
  • apply the mathematical, algorithmic and control principles of robot arm manipulators to implement a working robot through physical construction and software development.