Success Stories

Entrepot Secondary

In 2016, this form 5 class of 25 students obtained 100% pass rate in English due to the incorporation of learner centered strategies throughout the term. Students cited the use of games as a fun and welcome addition to classes and the light banter and approachable nature of the teacher as key to their success.  

A graduate of the Saint Mary’s College (SMC) this student participated in JUMP Exam Preparation classes in form 1-5 and developed the strategies to succeed. He successfully wrote CXC English in form 2  securing a grade 2 pass. He went on to succeed with 1s and 2s in all his subjects at CSEC.  As a talented, budding musician, he was also a proud recipient of the JUMP 2017 “Koudmen” scholarship to the School of Music. He completed Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in 2020 and is employed with the Government of St Lucia.

Corinth Secondary

Traditionally a class may obtain between 1-5 merits at the end of an academic term, this form 1 class at the Corinth Secondary School took part in the JUMP After School Program in 2017 and obtained 17 merits. The programme was successful because students dedicated more time for learning, sought assistance for difficult concepts, maintained a positive rapport with their mentors and were taught other fundamental metacognitive strategies for academic success.

This student topped the Common Entrance Exam at his school after classes with a private tutor. At the age of ten he developed good study habits, learned to seek help with difficult topics and learned several cognitive strategies to improve his memory. He maintained his good learning habits to top CXC in his school yet again allowing him to secure a full scholarship to University of Southern Caribbean.


“In grade six I was paired with a tutor for the Common Entrance Exams (CEE). I felt really confident because the tutor made me realise how easy it was to learn. I was able to top the CEE in my school in that year. Now that I am a form fourth student, I am excited to continue tutoring sessions, my tutor helps me to understand topics I couldn’t understand in school.  


"Through the practice of meta-cognition, I gained a deeper understanding of my thought processes and learning strategies. As a result, I became more efficient and adaptable in tackling challenges, allowing me to achieve personal growth beyond my expectations, in rising from 30th place in my class to 9th place."